Owner/Pastry Chef Destiney Jones found her passion for cakes back in 2017 when she started baking for her family and friends. She started searching for tutorials on YouTube and always had the support and mentor-ship of her husband Sean Jones, who is an executive chef specializing in gourmet food.

Due to the lack of “Unique Themed” cake options at her local grocery store bakery, Destiney began creating cakes for her kids’ birthdays, and little by little, people fell in love with the unique decorating styles across multiple social media platforms, and with that, the business was born…
Nowadays she has a TikTok account, where she features videos of her cakes and had become a Tik Tok sensation, ultimately gaining a follower base of over 50k in a matter of months.

She realized then, she needed a space to not only showcase cakes and treats but to show people how to make them, and shortly, Destiney started a very interactive open concept shop that she calls “Destined Indulgence Cakery”, were private classes and Birthday parties are hosted, and there’s plenty of space for those who have a passion for confections.