Standard and Base Price List

Please Note these are just our most popular sizes/arrangements. Please feel free to call the store for additional options.

Single Tiers

Standard Flavors and Buttercream Filling(White,Yellow,Chocolate,Marble and Confetti)

• 6in(2 layers) - $65 and Up(6-8 Servings)

• 6in(3 layers)- $85 and Up (15 Servings)

• 8in(2 layers) - $120 and Up(16-20 Servings)

• 10in(2 layers) -$165 and Up (30 Servings)

Multi Tier Cakes

• 6in×8in- $200 and up (35 Servings)
• 6in ×10in-$275 and up (55 Servings)
• 3 Tiers Start at $325 (65-75 Servings)

Treats Per Dozen/Two Dozen

• Cupcakes $45+ (24ct)
• Cupcakecake $55+(24ct)
• Pretzels rods are $35+ (Dzn)
• Jumbo Twisted Pretzels are $40+ (Dzn)
• Rice Crispies are $40+ (Dzn)
• Strawberries are $45+ (Dzn)
• Chocolate Covered oreos or oreo pops are $35+ (Dzn)
• Cakesicles are $50+ (Dzn)

*Pricing increases based on Specialty flavors/detailed designs/decorations

*For the most accurate prices please call the store for a detailed quote. Prices and Product availability subject to change. Custom and specialty flavors like Red Velvet, Strawberry, Lemon, Almond, etc also available along with specialty fillings for and up charge.